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Zucchini / Sukini

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I am very interested in growing Zucchini. I waited for couple of weeks until the seeds available at the gardening shop near my house. I got only 10 seeds in one pack and i gave some to my friends.

The germination took 2 days until the seeds sprouted. Only 3 sprouted so far. I germinated on May 1st and on May  3rd two of them sprouted. Today i found 1 sprouted (this one sprouted after i peeled the case :P).

I am planning to get some seeds online from overseas. hopefully, the quality will be better.

here are the photos taken on May:


zucchini seedling


============ update =================



above is the photo taken on June, 22, 2013

I grow some other two from seeds on May 23, 2013. Here are the photos taken today, June 22, 2013:


a cat stepped on my zucchini !!! >.< I am so SADD!


below is the survivor

summer squash


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