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Bad,, bad, baaaaaaaaaddd Weather………. and Snails!

Hi all. I am very sad bcoz my plants died. Only few can survive this bad weather. It is already mid of June but there is no sign of Dry season. The dry season supposed to start in April but i heard we got “Musim kemarau basah” (wet dry season). I heard the dry season will come in August.

In Surabaya, we got rain almost everyday. Sometimes all day long. The rain destroyed all my seedlings, and even bigger plants. You know i have 2 big Japanese cucumber plants but now 1 has died and 1 withered. I also planted 2 kinds of bush bean, broccoli, some varieties of bell pepper, pok choy, bitter cucumber, many varieties of sunflower, some varieties of lettuce, some varieties of radish, eggplant, pepper, some varieties of tomato, some varieties of cucumber, edamame, mustard, bunching onion, leek, onion, garlic, etc (forgot).

Many of them rot because the rain won’t stop. I had to remove all of the rotten veggies/flowers. Bigger plants survived but another enemy waiting to eat them all. We have snails in our garden. not just a few snails but soooo many of them. The smaller ones to the bigger ones. I have found a snail as big as man’s hand grip.

What a disaster,, after the caterpillar attack, now we have snails + daily rain.


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Zucchini / Sukini

I am very interested in growing Zucchini. I waited for couple of weeks until the seeds available at the gardening shop near my house. I got only 10 seeds in one pack and i gave some to my friends.

The germination took 2 days until the seeds sprouted. Only 3 sprouted so far. I germinated on May 1st and on May  3rd two of them sprouted. Today i found 1 sprouted (this one sprouted after i peeled the case :P).

I am planning to get some seeds online from overseas. hopefully, the quality will be better.

here are the photos taken on May:


zucchini seedling


============ update =================



above is the photo taken on June, 22, 2013

I grow some other two from seeds on May 23, 2013. Here are the photos taken today, June 22, 2013:


a cat stepped on my zucchini !!! >.< I am so SADD!


below is the survivor

summer squash


Pepper Sweet California Wonder

I sown the seeds of Sweet California Wonder Pepper on March. So, it is around 1 and half month now. This kind of pepper is uncommon in my town. You can only find it at the supermarket but not at the traditional market.


Took along time to sprout. As i remember, i sown 3 seeds but only 1 sprouted so far. I germinated the seeds on a pot filled with moss. Next time i will try using compost.


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Long Bean / Kacang Panjang

I am growing long bean. I bought the Kacang Panjang “Wulung” Jawara brand.

The seeds germinated quickly and now i have a fully grown long bean. It is flowering now. see the pics below:

around 2 weeks:

kacang panjang


long bean

the flower fell to the ground and i opened to check the inside. I found 2 flowers fell and none ever blossomed. What is going wrong??

long bean flower


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Few weeks ago, i checked YouTube and read some blogs about how to save seeds. I tried to save tomato seeds. I took one from refrigerator and take out all of the seeds and put it in the jar. I added water and leave it overnight. The next day i rinsed and dried the seeds.

This tomato is very fast growing, it grows way faster than tomato seeds i bought in stores.

This photo was taken in April 5, 2013

tomato seedling

Below was taken in April 13, 2013


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Japanese Cucumber Southern Delight

I love Japanese cucumber, it tastes good and crispy. That is why i really want to have my own cucumber plant.

This is the photo taken in April 5, 2013

japanese cucumber

below is the photo taken in April 22, 2013


4 out of 5 survived. I have re-potted on sunday. Here are the photos taken today, May 3, 2013.

japanese cucumber Southern Delight japanese cucumber Southern Delight


Flowering! May 23, 2013! Are they male flowers only?